Friday, January 12, 2007

Paragliding in Argentina

Argentina was host to the 1999 Paragliding World Cup or PWC. Some of the best flying in Argentina is in the central Sierra's above Córdoba, just outside a little town called La Cumbre. The Chuchi Coral launch brings fliers from around the world to enjoy the incredible natural beauty and awesome flying conditions with a brilliant LZ down by the river.

'Condor' Pablo Kuniss won the Argentinian leg back in the 1999 PWC tour. Now Pablo gives tandem or bi-place flights for visiting tourists and aviators alike. His nick name 'Condor' was given to him by fellow pilots when learning to fly back in the early 90's he followed a young condor up out of Cuchi Coral, watching when it turned and at what angle and soaring for which thermals. Together they flew all the way back in to La Cumbre for the longest flight at that time in the area.

Cold beers at the beautiful LZ below are always warranted. Here Condor highlights key points of the land on a map while Junior, the local parilla/cervezeria owner looks on.


Gary Mortimer said...

Very impressive goal, tell us more about the robotic thermal gliders.

That I would have thought would be an idea that the UAV guys would go Mal for.

If you think about doing the attempt in South Africa let me know and we can crew or whatever.



Thermal Hound said...

Thanks for the comment. We've got some more info up about the glider. Slowly but surely we're getting there.... TH